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Since you are here I suspect that you maby have a job position to fill and maby you are bit curious about me in my professional role, therefore I would like to tell you a little about this. If you want to dive a little deeper and see what work I have had, various recommendations I have received and various other, you can easily find my "CV" on the professional network LinkedIn.

You are very welcome here and you have questions so do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer as soon as I can.

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My "personal" letter.


My name is Håkan Lindström.


I currnetly work as a Security Manager for TietoEvry.

I started my consulting career back in 1997, which accumulates to a few years.

I have worked both at private companies, the defense and goverment authorities in roles such as senior cybersecurity Consultant for A Couples of security consultant companies, CISO for the county council in Värmland, security manager for a defense-related global company and CIO for a Swedish steel mill, which has given me a competence and knowledge bank that creates a complete battery in the defense against IT, information and cyber threats.

I am a highly motivated security professional with solid experience. I have the ability to bridge gaps between different roles and people, both technical and non-technical, and I am often considered "the go to guy" in tricky situations and have often been given the role of leader and/or mentor.

When given the opportunity I am happy and proud to to lead others to excellence, with high goals for both the organization's best, but also for the whole group and the individuals' best.

My leadership index according to Myers-Briggs is ENFJ.
(You can read more about ENFJ here: )

You can find my full CV on LinkedIn

A little more from the private side

Finally, I want to tell you a little bit about myself in private life. I live with my 3 smallest children in a beautiful house on the Swedish countryside. My two largest have left the estate and now it is just me, my wife Lena, my little guy, middle daughter and the little one left.

I love my life and my family. My wife and I have for many years had an assignment for Karlstad Municipality as a family home* for the middle daughter and the smallest girl. We now have legal custody of them but they have always been part of the family. (* earlier this was called "foster family" but I regard this as almost an insult to tha family because I don't think of any of my kids as other then my kids.)

I am also very interested in staying fit and exercising, so much that my profession "on the side" sins more then sexteen years are PT (personal trainer) and fitness instructor. I also love to ride my motorcycle and do it as much as I can. The whole family likes adventure and summers usually spend the family trapped in a caravan somewhere along Sweden's southern coasts.

I hope in this way I have elucidated myself and my skills a little closer and that it may help you maby to see me as a possible asset to your business.

Håkan Lindström

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